LOGIT adopts latest generation of Voice Directed Warehousing technology

24.07.2015 – By participating Symphony EYC’s workshops in Paris, LOGIT adopted 3rd generation of Voice Directed Warehousing technology, following cutting-edge standards in providing logistics solutions to create highest values for its clients.

On the workshop held in Paris, Symphony EYC presented to its partners latest breakthroughs in development of voice technologies for management of warehouse operations, wrapped-up in the 3rd generation of G.O.L.D. Voice module of the G.O.L.D. family of products, designed for the comprehensive management of master data, supply chain and merchandising in retail, wholesale and logistics. During the workshop Bojan Dobrota, Project Manager for Solutions in Logistics and Distribution had a chance not only to discover improvements in the latest generation of software, but more importantly to exchange with Symphony EYC consultants and Symphony EYC partners on a way in which latest concepts can create even more values and provide fastest returns on investments to its users. One of the highlights was that gains in productivity at clients that are using Voice are visible after only few weeks in operation, which results in valuable client satisfaction, not just with the product, but with usage of the voice as a concept itself. In addition to the workshops held, as a guest of Symphony EYC, earlier this year LOGIT visited the SITL 2015 exhibition, the International week of transport and logistics in Paris, where latest trends in logistics, retail and distribution attracted much attention, amongst which Voice Directed Warehousing was in focus with its multi-modal capabilities.