Recycling and Wastage Management


Wastage Management

Wastage Management is innovative solution specifically designed for recycling & solid waste management which manages company’s core business processes in comprehensive manner and includes management of toxic (hazardous) and non-toxic waste, purchase and sales prices, wastage collection and disposal, selective or bulk collection wastage sorting, compliance, authorisations, etc.


Reverse Supply Chain Management

A comprehensive solution for optimized management of reverse logistic flows of recycling and wastage business, covering processes such as customer and suppliers management, wastage transporters management, partners contract management, wastage collection and disposal, vehicle routes, wastage sorting, multiple collection sites, electronic scales integration, shipping notes, supplier invoices and invoice control, customer invoices, etc.


Wastage Transport Fleet Management

Comprehensive management of your vehicle fleet assets in service of the wastage management. Range of features includes purchase and service contracts, insurance, inspections, CASCO, fuel consumption, maintenance and service repairs, driver allocation, route management, etc.