Remote Sensing


UAV Imaging and Data Collection

DroneDeploy is cloud based software for commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which enables UAV management from web enabled and mobile devices and fully automated workflows which include mission planning, flight execution and post­processing of imagery.


Remote Sensing Image Analysis Automation

AgriSens software analyzes aerial images in both visible and invisible specter and provides data to optimally manage growing season.  With cutting-edge image analysis and automated algorithms of expert system, AgriSens is able to provide valuable reports in automated manner.


Remote Sensing Expert Analysis and Reporting

AgriSens knowledge-based expert system makes it possible to identify current and potential issues and recommend actions to it’s users, for the applications such as Plant counting, Sowing quality estimation, Yield estimation, Stress detection, Nutrients variable application map, Spraying map (pesticides, herbicides and insecticide), Irrigation map,  Damage assessment map (floods, hail, drought), etc.