Supply Chain Management and Optimization


Supply Chain Management and Execution

GOLD provides global optimization for all channels with an agile, integrated supply chain and customer-driven fulfillment network. It provides replenishment and allocation strategies and execution which optimizes your inventory levels, supply chain and logistics to support a customer-driven service delivery model – minimizing capital spend and decreasing operational costs.


Store and Channel Operations

By providing store and channel level, front office, in-store and back office management capabilities, Symphony GOLD integrates the full range of retail operations into a single, cost-effective solution that delivers optimized business operations and improved customer service.


Warehouse Management

GOLD Warehouse Management software optimizes warehouse operations and delivers real-time visibility. It helps manage, control and optimize logistics operations with multi-site and multi-organizational capabilities, providing permanent visibility for managing all physical and information flows to execute operations. In addition, GOLD Warehouse Voice Operations solution couples voice picking technology with your existing mixed data collection methods, reducing errors and improving productivity.


Assortment Management and Retail Space Planning

GOLD Assortment and Space Planning solutions drive increased profits with full visibility and management analytics to better control inventory management, local assortment management, store clusters, shelf and retail space planning. It includes Intelligent store clustering, Assortment management, Space planning, Space automation, Macro space planning, Store layout & planogram communication (compliance), and Mobile shelf management


Demand Forecasting

GOLD Demand Forecasting solution provides the most complete picture of predicted customer, promotional and baseline demand across all channels to improve inventory productivity.


Replenishment and Inventory Optimization

GOLD Replenishment is a proven solution for effective inventory optimization, to improve customer service and reduce holding costs. It provides clear visibility of inventory flows while connecting inventory management systems across stores, warehouses and fulfillment centers – optimizing the complete retail supply chain.